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  • Manufacture and commercialization  of industrial equipment

    GOKSER is a company that was established in 1987 and since then has been involved in the manufacture and commercialization of industrial equipment, including heaters for local areas and flexible air ducts, radial fans and new types of flexible air ducts, ventilation systems, mushroom and compost production plants.

  • GOKSER has long standing expertise in the manufacture of composting equipment and mushroom production plants and solutions for industry and is very interested in assembling and commercialising the new Technologies, therefore, it has been involved many Research and Development Projects since its establishment.

    GOKSER have the capacity for better understanding and knowledge of industrial equipment, mushroom machinery, composting technology and processes, as well as contribute their knowledge of the needs of their customer base within the mushroom and composting industry.

    The factories which have been established by GOKSER have been in the production life successfully since many years.
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