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What we do?

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Top spotlight
  • Mushroom Growing

    Gokser Machine produces process air control units of mushroom production farms for the mushroom cultivation sector. Since many years growing mushroom with our mushroom equipments and mushroom machinery is a art of growing in Turkey and in Middle East Countries. White button mushrooms are growing in these mushroom farms safely.

    We provide all mushroom farm equipments and machinery and all services related to and know how of mushroom projects.. Read more...

  • Composting

    Gokser produces and installs composting farms for the cultivation-mushroom sector. Composting equipments for mushroom farms and mushroom cultivation and all mechanical parts are manufactured in our Factory and exported to other countries with our experienced export department. Compost producers could also have the know how of composting and mushroom growing. Our purpose is to produce equipments, machines and all services which offers you the best projects with highest quality, profitability and  performance. Read more...

Mushroom Growing

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